hey, I'm stephanie

A perspective shifter, change-maker, an old soul, who came here to help create a new earth

Born to be different, since Stephanie was a little girl, she always knew on the deepest level that there was more to life than what most of us allow ourselves to perceive. Struggling to fit in for most of her life, she never truly felt as if she belonged anywhere. It wasn't until much later in life that she realized she was never supposed to "fit in". A sensitive who challenged others conditioned thought patterns from the beginning for a reason, Stephanie has felt a constant need to serve throughout her entire life. After growing through her own initial awakening process, years of battling between the head & heart, she was reminded of who and what she truly is, aligning her with her soul purpose.

One that leads from the heart, not the head...

Intuitive Coaching, Spiritual Awakeing by Divine Soul Journey

I am passionate about helping you bridge


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Through intuitive work and coaching, Stephanie is committed to helping others connect with spirit as well as offer guidance that can help heal inner child wounding, karmic patterns & conditioned beliefs that keep them from living in alignment with the abundance they are truly worthy of. Ready for some serious healing, perspective shifts and reminders of your sovereignty? Work with Steph.


Started feeling more of a desire to help others in a big way but didn't really understand how.


Internally, I knew how intuitive I was, I just didn't really understand what to do with it. Nor, did I really trust it all of the time. Initial awakening process began on a conscious level. Shadow work begins..

Was guided to begin meditating and journaling daily. I began meditating for an hour or so daily and wrote down everything I was experiencing during meditation and in my everyday life.

I had no idea why I was so drawn to do this, but I kept doing it. I had multiple journals full within a year or so and I remember telling my sister at one point.. " I am either going bat shit crazy, or there is some divine shit flowing through me". Either way, I noticed the journaling process really helped my logical mind begin to accept what my intuition already knew. 2016 was my dark night of the year..  Shadow work like crazy.


Massive consciousness shifts. It was time to love myself as much as I was so willing and able to love others. Started a massive journey towards self love and acceptance. More journaling, mindset shifting and began implementing mantras into my daily routine.


Shadow work beginnings

Oh... did I mention more shadow work?

Worked on areas in my life that were in need of healing and reprogramming. Was trained in Usui Reiki and over the course of 9 months became a certified reiki master.

All those journals I had from a few years prior? Yeah, apparently they had a purpose. I received a book deal offer out of the blue and had a mass amount of content already prepared it seemed. I still have them and still use them when I need a reminder of my why. But who was I to write a book? Oh.. yeah.. here's an opportunity for more reprogramming and of course... more shadow work.


Decided to start showing up more for myself and others in a bigger way. Worked on breaking even more habits and patterns that were not serving me. Moved through another heart opening experience. Decided to add coaching services to my business after several requests and a lot of reluctance due to battling imposter syndrome as so many of us do. I thought I was here to do one thing.. but the universe showed me more was unfolding. More consciousness shifts and of course more shadow work.


Longing for a little more and new experiences, I felt I was ready to see new scenery and after some serious healing and dare I say it again.. shadow work, I opened myself up again and told the universe I was ready for whatever was in alignment for my highest good. Even if that meant venturing into places I had never been emotionally and physically. Second book was published.


the moment it all changed

Oh.. and a second book offer. Wtf?

A year of transition and growth. Another year of unlearning and relearning which has led to even more consciousness shifts and new opportunities.



can't live without


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Being moved through your awakening?

It’s time to level up and rise with Stephanie Jameson

Stephanie understands what it means to be moved through the awakening and ascension process.

 A fellow empath, medium, 2 time author and intuitive soul coach. Stephanie is a powerful perspective shifter who will help you navigate through the much needed consciousness shifts that come with a heart awakening and rebirth experience. 

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