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Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you some of the signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening. I still feel like I am being enlightened to many many things, however I wanted to share with you some of the information I wished I would have had when I started experiencing the “symptoms” that I now know was my awakening beginning. I do believe that everyone goes through their own unique process but these seem to be pretty general themes for most.


Are you seeing repeating signs & numbers everywhere? It seems to start with 11 11 and can go from there. I started seeing 7 11 and 11 11 and it only got crazier from there. If you find yourself seeing these numbers over and over again, I encourage you to begin looking them up via Google. There is a fantastic resource online that offers all of the meanings of these different numbers and you will be shocked at how much they correlate with whatever is going on in your life at the moment. Pay attention and be open to the numbers. They can show up on a clock, a sign, a license plate or anywhere really.

Once I started noticing the numbers multiple times a day without even trying, THAT was when I knew something was up. Before I knew it, I wasn’t just getting numbers like 222, 333 or 444, I began to get numbers that were very specific like 828, 539 or 719 for example. This is a very common sign of a spiritual awakening.


Things from our past will come up for healing. That’s right, This means that that devastating and heartbreaking event that you swore you were “over” years ago… will come up again and you will literally feel everything all over again until you have cleansed yourself of the pain. Clearing your heart for your greater good.

This was probably the hardest part for me to deal with. I had no idea why I was feeling these pains again as if they had just happened. It was very confusing, but what I learned was, I had to allow myself to feel everything that I did not allow myself to fully feel years before. Once I let myself go through the sleepless nights, endless crying, pain and basically surrender myself to the process, I began to gain clarity. I had suppressed these feelings for years thinking I was doing myself a favor, turns out.. not so much, that was my ego fooling me.


Forgiveness is a tricky little fella. A lot of people think that forgiveness is forgetting. Forgiveness is simply forgiving people of the emotional debt that they owe you, for your own healing. Not for them. This is done for you. This is all a part of opening your heart, which is what we will discuss later on.

You may be shocked to discover that you are no longer so angry with the person who hurt you in the past, you may actually find yourself wishing them peace. Your heart and mind will battle this one out so be prepared ;). This is ok. We all deserve forgiveness. If you find yourself feeling like this, allow it. If at some moment, you feel the need to extend your forgiveness to the other person who was involved, do it. I promise, you will feel lighter once that load is off your back.


You may find yourself becoming overwhelmingly sensitive to negativity. This is normal. This is because you are beginning to raise your vibration and your soul wants to vibrate in a place of pure love.

You may notice that the things you could once put up with in your life begin to make you feel physically ill. You will notice that you want no drama, no negativity, no unneeded worry, you just simply crave peace.


You don’t know how or why but you just want to help people. You love making people feel good. You may already be doing this on some level. A lot of “wounded healers” find themselves “counseling” friends and family members frequently.

Wounded healers don’t even realize it but this is a part of their purpose. They are just naturally gifted when it comes to communication and mediating almost any situation. They are gaining emotional fulfillment by helping others.

Spiritual Awakening Digital Journal


I have always known on some level how intuitive I was since I was a little girl, however.. that was in dream land… not in “real life”. I began to notice that my clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts began to really show up.

You may notice sparks of light that show up randomly in the room. White appearing at first and then as you develop, different colors like purple, blue, yellow, green, etc. You may even begin to think you are having problems with your eyes, I have 20/15 vision and I can tell you I was concerned. I started noticing that different colors would show up around different people. Sometimes larger and other times smaller. The colors or sparks of light would show up in different areas like around someones head or back.

You may also notice lyrics start to “pop up” when you are listening to music. For example: You could be totally focused on something and not even listening to your music and then all of a sudden you hear the 1 line you are meant to hear. This is a message. Many times, if you look at the clock when you hear this, you will be shocked at the angel message for you and how pertinent it is to your life at that moment. My guides did this a lot and still continue to do this through today.

You may also begin to notice you have an “inner knowing” about things. You may not be able to explain it but you just know something is going to happen and it happens within minutes, hours or days of you thinking it.


This is a challenging part of the journey. It is very confusing and you just want to get past it. You begin to question everything you thought was “real”. Everything you have spent years building or all of the things you “thought you knew”. You question it all. “Am I in the right place?”, “Is the work I am doing right for me?”, “Is my relationship with my partner healthy?”, “Am I loving myself?”, “Were the things I was taught as I child, correct?”, “What is my purpose?”.


This is another not so fun part of the journey and something that I continue to work on daily. What is your shadow self? It is all of the parts of yourself that you are scared to face or do not like.

You begin to notice the things that you’ve never wanted to deal with about yourself or better yet didn’t even know existed that need to be healed. Most of us know what these issues are and these issues can be very very hard to face. Most of the times, these issues stem from our childhood and some real inner child healing needs to be done. These issues can be anything from insecurity, anger, abandonment or self worth issues. It all totally depends on one’s soul.


You begin to feel a strong compassion for humanity and the universe as a whole. You realize that separation is an illusion and that we are all connected. You realize that when you snap at the lady at the grocery store or yell at the guy in traffic who cut you off, they are you, you are them, we are one. They are mirroring your issues back to you, to show you that you need to work on whatever issue it is that you are having with them at that moment and this is done for your highest good.

Logic begins to play less of a role in your life. You begin to feel more. You can’t help it. At first it is a bit of a battle if you are a more logical personality type because your ego wants to protect you from pain, rejection, hurt and confusion. However, You will begin to feel less and less of a need to control things in your life and you begin to go more with the flow, having a deep knowing that all will work out for you in divine timing. Faith begins to cultivate inside of you.

You begin to love. Real love. Love everything & everyone, for no purpose other than to love. You begin to notice beauty that you never even noticed before inside every living soul. As you begin to remember who and what you really are, you begin to accept everything and everyone for exactly who & what they are.

Are you going through a spiritual awakening and need a guide? Learn more about how I can help you here.

Again, everyone will ultimately have their own experiences but I wanted to take a moment and share some general examples. I hope this helps enlighten your journey. Lots of love & light.

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