What is Kundalini Energy?

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*An excerpt from The Happy Empath’s Workbook Kundalini energy is life force.

Also known as prana or chi, Kundalini is a Sanscrit word that identifies the rising of an energy that is coiled at the base of the spine. It is believed that we carry this energy with us from the time we are born until it is released at the time of passing. 

We are electrical beings, so imagine your chakras as running on an electrical board or circuit system of some kind. As Kundalini energy rises and travels up your spine, the energy passes through each chakra, giving them an energy boost and causing them to ignite or light up. When this type of energy rise happens, deep healing begins to take place on all levels.

When Kundalini energy awakens, you are taken through a series of shifts. Deep emotional healing occurs, causing you to heal and align more with the vibration of love. When this happens, intuition and psychic gifts can begin to develop or expand because you are vibrating farther and farther away from fear-based emotions. If you were born with psychic gifts and they have been suppressed due to traumas you had not healed from yet, get ready for your gifts to come through tenfold, and prepare yourself for quite the eye-opening experience. Your intuition will be coming through and your mind can have a very hard time understanding this. Go with the flow and look at the experience as an adventure. You are being moved through all of it for a reason.

Various types of deep healing can occur. For example, you will have the chance to fully heal from past traumas and deeply held wounds, such as feelings of abandonment, insecurities, or false beliefs about yourself. You will literally feel everything all over again until you have cleansed yourself of the lower vibrational energy associated with it. 

You may be called upon to love yourself more and be asked to take a look at what is serving your heart and what is not. Boundaries, codependent behaviors, triggers, and self-worth issues will be called upon for you to work on. You may be called to forgive yourself and others. It can actually begin to feel like a necessity. You will be called upon to listen to and follow your heart, become more in touch with your intuition, and heal your attachment issues, emotional or physical. As you feel your psychic senses awakening, you will begin to embody unconditional love, not just for yourself, but for everyone. Logic will begin to play less of a role in your life. You will begin to feel more and think less.

As Kundalini energy moves through you, it affects all of your seven main chakras.

Here are some indicators of what can happen as your chakras are being healed:

Root Chakra:

You will start facing fears about being unstable and insecurities about providing for yourself.

Sacral Chakra:

You will start birthing something new, feeling creativity, and honoring the feminine energy of creation. 

Solar Plexus:

You will start becoming a stronger and more capable version of yourself, feeling greater self-confidence and will power.

Heart Chakra:

You will learn how to love yourself more, honor your heart, and begin inner child healing.

Throat Chakra:

You will learn how to speak your truth, stand in your authenticity, and be true to your soul.

Third Eye Chakra:

You will feel your psychic gifts growing and expanding. Clairvoyant gifts may open up. You may start seeing things during meditation or colors and sparks around others.

Crown Chakra:

You will start receiving downloads and divinely inspired ideas, which comes with a realization that you are one with the divine. You will feel clarity coming through; you will see things more clearly, from a higher perspective.

Kundalini energy is known for its transformative power.

When one is moved through a Kundalini awakening, it is a transformational soul experience. A person is usually never the same again. They usually experience some kind of rebirth, because of the amount of healing they have been moved through on a soul level causes their vibration to rise. If this is something you feel like you are being moved through, allow yourself to breathe through it and know that you cannot rush the process of awakening. All will unfold as it should and the deep level of healing that is occurring is worth it and serves a purpose. Trust the process.

Sending loads of love, Steph.

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