The power of meditation… finding your center

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This is the power that meditation gives you. Just 5-10 minutes of meditation a day can reduce stress, ease anxiety and help bring clarity of mind. When you are in a meditative state, you also open yourself up to a myriad of opportunities to receive guidance. You give yourself the opportunity to really connect with your intuition and over time, you will begin to feel calm, balanced and will begin to feel safe when it comes to trusting yourself because you will begin to connect with your center. When one is connected to one’s center, one begins movement forward on the path to self mastery & enlightenment and it becomes very hard for one to get knocked of course by life or the others around them.

So many times I have heard, “I am not sure where to start” or “I am not able to shut my mind down”. That’s ok, we all start there. The secret to meditation when first beginning is to allow those thoughts to come and then allow them to leave, don’t fight them, just allow. Over time and with practice, these thoughts will become less and less as you are at one with yourself in the moment of meditation.

Many people begin with guided meditation and have great luck with these types of meditation sessions. Below you will find 7 links to guided chakra balancing videos that are available on Youtube. I used these videos when beginning my meditation sessions and still continue to use them when I feel the need. I highly encourage you to start here if you can. If you do not like guided meditations, there are thousands of healing meditation videos that are not guided available on YouTube. You can also begin with sleep meditation if you feel the need. I did this for the first few months when I began and loved it.



Root Chakra – Stability

Sacral Chakra – Sexual & Creativity

Solar Plexus Chakra – Self Confidence

Heart Chakra – Healing the heart

Throat Chakra – Speaking one’s truth 

Third Eye Chakra – Intuition

Crown Chakra – Divine Guidance / Higher Consciousness


I wanted to share these videos with all of you because I believe so strongly in the power of meditation. I have had so many friends, family members and clients ask me about healing or how to help with their anxiety & self doubt, so I wanted to create a source for all of you to go to, so you also can also begin your path towards healing & balance.

Meditation has opened up so many doors for me personally and helped me heal on so many levels. Meditation is an excellent source of therapy and just like any other skill, with enough practice & persistence, you will advance to greater levels. My intuitive skills heightened greatly when I began to incorporate daily meditation into my life. For any of you seeking to get more out of meditation than a stress reduction and you are being guided towards meditation for this, I highly highly encourage keeping a journal as this will prove to be beneficial for you. Until next time, lots of love & light.

*Please note: This information is not intended to prevent or treat any type of illness, please seek medical attention if needed. Thank you. 

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