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Must knows for every “sensitive” out there, this is the science of empathy   An excerpt from The Happy Empaths Workbook by Stephanie Jameson There are a few interesting scientific explanations when it comes to the gifts and extra senses that empaths naturally have. I feel it is important for empaths to understand the science […]


Energy Cords & Hooks – What you should know

Everything is energy, this includes you. You have your own electromagnetic field that surrounds you and interacts with everything around you. As you become aware of your own energy, it is important to know about energy cords and hooks. Cords are energetic connections that form between people. These cords can be formed from different emotions […]

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Spirit has your back. Trust in the signs and synchronicity happening all around you. Let go of any doubt or worry and trust that you have a spiritual team encouraging you to choose you and EVOLVE, always…