"Give yourself permission to grow and evolve"

A few years ago I asked the universe to show me miracles as I was guided to start helping others and encouraged to start something all new. Although I have been supported in the most miraculous of ways, I never thought that some of the miracles I would witness would be shown to me through my clients. Over the years I have been blessed to witness deep healing, consciousness shifts, mindset upgrades and just down right total transformation.

It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish when you have the right someone in your corner. Someone who is routing for you every step of the way and coaching you to grow beyond where you have been. If you are ready to commit to serious transformation, I can help you heal, upgrade your mind, take back your power and own the journey you are on. I'll support you as you dive deeper, unlearn/relearn, find your balance and become you again.

Stop denying what you are capable of. Honey, you totally can. You got this.

transformational coaching

Intuitive Coaching, Spiritual Awakeing by Divine Soul Journey

i can help because i've been there

Actually, you can.

A few years ago I was moved through my own healing rebirth experience

A few years ago, I was pushed towards a massive healing journey and decided to begin making the conscious decision to choose love over fear as much as I could as I healed old wounds, thought patterns and fears. I know how intimidating the shadow work is in the beginning.. but I've got you.

I will teach you how to use your mind to be the tool that it is so that you can align with the wisdom within your heart. You don't have to do this alone. Trust in the signs and synchronicity happening all around you and know that when you choose to trust your inner voice and do what you feel is right, you will always be supported.


Your intuition is speaking up quite loudly, know change is coming and are ready to trust and invest in yourself.

You are ready to train that mind to be the tool that it is and no longer the master that keeps talking you out of your power.

You are ready to unlock your natural intuitive gifts and transform from fear based thinking / living to love based.


You are looking for a guru, you are your own guru and it is my intention to program that into your mind as you work with me.

You are not ready for the shadow work, healing and mindset upgrades.

You're not ready to break patterns and go ALL IN on yourself.

“I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am that we connected many many months ago. To go from watching your lives, to having a personal session, and now to being coached and mentored by you.... it’s truly been a gift. So thank you from the bottom of my heart ♥ Xoxo ”


Oakdale, NY

"I just have to say Wow, just Wow! I had a session with Steph today & honestly it opened my eyes to how it's that time I really focus on what I desire & manifest it. She reminded me of that.  She is pretty amazing & I learned a lot from her. I can tell that she speaks from her heart & she just opened my mind to possibilities I have never seen before. I knew I always had it in me but never knew what step to take. She inspired me to take that first step! Thank you Steph.....Thank you for speaking your truth."


 Garden Grove, CA

"Stephanie, I feel so blessed to have you as my spiritual teacher and guide, you are truly amazing! Your love and light comes through with each session. Im so enthusiastic and positive to move into this exciting life journey! Oh my goodness, I've come so far "steady progress" with your guidance. Thank you so much Dear Heart! “

Kathy Ann

Liberty, MO

"I am so happy we crossed paths, I am learning so much and growing so much from you sharing your gift with the world. Thank you for all you do and the impact you have on people around the world who need this guidance...people like me! Thank you again! "


DeBary, Florida

Thank YOU again for all the AMAZING guidance you have given me!  You are truly gifted!!!!!  You have lit the fire within me to move into my power!


"I am just in awe with Stephanie and my session! It went far beyond my expectations! It was so spot on and I was just blown away! I am so grateful that she was drawn to begin offering this type of session as it was everything I needed to move forward in my own journey. She went above and beyond to guide me and I am so excited to continue working with her."


Huntington Beach, CA

“Stephanie, Thank you so much for the incredible journey we went on together. You were essential to my fast growth by validating all of the things I already knew in my heart but needed someone else to tell me. And thank you for helping me to start breaking that codependency pattern of needing validation from others. Your training was incredible and I know that God put you into my life, it was no coincidence. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me!!”


Florence, SC

"Thank you for your loving support. It's people like you Stephanie that help people like me to keep going. Love and blessings to you."


Dallas, TX

"Steph is truly gifted at walking with you on discovery who you really are and what purpose you bring to the world. She has changed my life I will be forever grateful we met and worked together. "



“I am on such a high after our session!!! It was one of the most wonderful experiences that I have had on this plain. Thank you!! You’re a true blessing and I cannot wait to dive deeper!”


 “Stephanie, THANK YOU for our session and for sharing the keys to unlocking my blocks and moving forward.  During our time together, I could actually see intuitively, the connection. With Love and Appreciation.”


“You are such a beautiful soul! You helped me tremendously today. I feel so much lighter. I appreciate the gift of you in my life.”



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