What are planetary retrogrades?

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Planetary retrogrades means that a planet appears to be moving backwards, although this is not physically happening.. the effects are still very much experienced. The opposite of a retrograde (or Rx for short) is moving in a direct motion. Each of the planets have certain karmic lessons and growth attached to them. A karmic lesson is something that you as a soul set out for yourself to learn that you have yet to master or balance in previous lifetimes. Odds are, if you have a situation that keeps repeating in your life that you cannot seem to get through, you are learning something that you set out for yourself to master in this lifetime. 

For example: A lesson that I personally had to be moved through was learning how to trust my intuition and natural born psychic gifts. This was not an easy lesson for me to be moved through as it took some serious courage to step way out of my comfort zone, trusting in my own voice and not allowing others opinions to detour me from trusting all that I was feeling inside. 

There are major retrogrades (Saturn for example) and minor retrogrades (Mercury for example) that take place. Retrogrades affect everyone on the planet including empaths/sensitive souls who tend to pick up and process the collectives energy, however.. if one of these retrogrades is in your birth chart, you will be feeling the energy and effects much stronger as this is a transit that you are meant to experience.


Mercury – A time to reflect, review choices before making decisions, communication issues may occur and electronics can go awry. When Mercury is Rx, it is not a good time to sign contracts. 

Saturn – Resolution of karma. Saturn causes us to confront past lessons and gain wisdom from these past sessions before entering a new cycle in our life. Saturn can also mean father healing of any kind. Saturn helps us move past self imposed limitations and move into higher consciousness. Saturn Rx will bring up anything that has been suppressed and cause you to listen to your heart and face what that little voice within has been saying. If you listen, all will go well. If you don’t, Saturn will manifest whatever you have been ignoring so you are almost forced to face your fears. 

In certain religions, Saturn is linked to the divine feminine (cosmic goddess and destroyer) as well as the divine child of rebirth. When Saturn is Rx, it is truly a time to do a life review of some kind and release all that no longer serves you. 

Jupiter – When Jupiter is Rx, it is a time of some spiritual truth seeking and even taking some time to find the deeper meaning in all aspects of your life. Jupiter is a lucky planet and when direct will reward us for work well done on our spiritual path. When in Rx, Jupiter may teach us a little more about where we need to grow and master lessons around our spiritual path. 

Venus – Venus is in charge of your heart center. Because of this, when Venus is Rx there are often lessons associated with deep heart healing. Venus helps to awaken your heart to a new perspective and true understanding of divine love. Venus Rx will come with lessons of learning to love yourself and honor what your heart truly desires. 

Neptune – This planet is associated with illusions. When Neptune is Rx, illusions are revealed and we are gently nudged by the universe to feel everything so we can gain clarity about what we may have been hiding from ourselves within our heart space. 

Uranus – When Uranus is in Rx it is a time of tearing down the old and making way for the new. This planet can come in almost like a wrecking ball and will literally tear down the structures we are living in that are simply not serving us, to make way for the abundance that we are worthy of. 

Mars – Mars represents the energy of action, so when this planet is Rx, there is a big slow down and blocks can come up for us on our journey. Some people claim that they have endless blocks when Mars is in Rx. Mar is associated with masculine energy, so when this planet is Rx, you may be prevented from moving forward until a lesson has been learned or the proper healing has been done to align with what is meant for you.

Pluto – When Pluto is Rx we are guided to turn inward towards our own personal shadow side and take a long hard look at everything. It is a time to revisit some old wounds, self imposed limiting beliefs and purge them out for good so we can become a stronger, more capable version of ourselves. Pluto is all about soul transformation. *You may find yourself coming out with a much more solid understanding about life and what you are here to do after being moved through a Pluto transit. Some serious dark night of the soul action most likely happened here. 

Being moved through planetary retrogrades can be tough

…but the amount of soul growth and rewards you receive after the planet is direct again are worth it because you will have a more solid understanding of yourself and will be living from your heart space. This leads you back into living in alignment with the vibration of love, which is what you came here to do. Break patterns, cycles, understand your divinity by recognizing your humanity and then ultimately returning to your true vibration. 

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