Age of Aquarius


Age of Aquarius – Birthing a shift in consciousness and new earth 

Intuitive Coaching, Spiritual Awakeing by Divine Soul Journey

I'm Stephanie

A perspective shifter, change-maker, an old soul, who came here to help create a new earth. Read more about me and how I can help you here.



When we align with love, all things are possible

More and more empaths, light workers and people in general are awakening. During the Age of Aquarius, many of us are feeling the call to listen to our hearts, heal and to live in alignment with love.

Empaths and light workers are here to help bring a shift in consciousness (from fear based to love based) to the planet and help birth a new earth. Many light workers will be and are already playing a role in delivering the spiritual message of the Age of Aquarius.

The message of the Age of Aquarius

We are not separate from the divine, we are an extension of the divine. We are not separate from each other either, separation is truly an illusion. Heaven is already here and it is up to us to see through the illusions of the fear based mind, to accept the truth and come into balance with the infinite wisdom that is held within our sacred heart.

The balancing of two opposites

The divine feminine energy (the heart) is claiming back her sacred high priestess power. She is here to teach and remind us of the power of intuition (spirit) and the that through aligning with love, all things are possible.

The divine masculine energy (the mind) is learning to let go of the fear based illusions of control and surrender to the wisdom of the sacred heart.

When these two energies are in balance, the possibilities for an individual are infinite. This balanced energy allows us to stand in our true power and reclaim our divinity.

Letting go of co-dependency and standing in wholeness during Age of Aquarius

We are being encouraged to align with the heart but it will not come without challenge. We are being encouraged to expand and break karmic cycles and patterns that have been held onto and repeated for thousands of years. This means no longer allowing the mind to be our master.

Any situation or circumstance in our life that is of low vibration or not based out of pure unconditional love will be challenged during this time. We are being asked to grow, to shed and purge out anything within us that it is fear based and not of our inherent vibration, love. This includes feelings of unworthiness, insecurity, jealousy, judgement and worry. We are being encouraged to love ourselves and others fully…. without attachments or conditions and stand in wholeness. This is requiring a total shift in consciousness. If you are feeling the pull, keep listening, keep growing and know that everything you need is within.

Sending you so much love, Steph.

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