What do angel numbers mean? 111,222,333,444 oh my!!!

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Are you seeing repetitive numbers daily? These are angel numbers. Are these numbers showing up on your clock, license plates, receipts and addresses you are visiting? Often times it begins with something as simple as noticing that you are waking up at the same time every morning or every time you look at your phone, there it is again.. the same number sequence that the universe seems to keep showing you. As tempting as it can be in the beginning to try to convince that you are going “crazy” or dismiss this phenomenon by telling yourself that this is not “logical”, trust me… it’s really happening.

But, what does it all mean? You’re being asked to wake up, level up and align with love.

As we begin to go through the awakening/ascension process, our spiritual team (guides, loved ones and angels) tend to bring through energy that grabs our attention, this can be through recurring emotions/thoughts as well as the amazing and very much divine process of seeing angel numbers. In the beginning, this is a great way for the universe to open our minds to the concept that there is more than just the physical world and remind us that we are always being guided.

It typically starts with seeing 1111 or basic patterns such as 111,222,333,444 and so on.. However it is important to note that these number patterns can get far more complex and the numbers that may show up for you may hold a significant meaning for you as well. For example… when I was first moved through my initial awakening, I saw 719 everywhere… I was born at 719am and although I no longer live there, I am from a town where 719 is the area code. I still see this number daily and have for 3 years solid. It invokes emotion in me, spirit knows this and anything that causes us to feel, brings through clarity. So, pay attention to what you are seeing and open your mind and heart to the opportunity you are being presented with to receive.



1 represents new beginnings. This typically shows up when you are aligning with the new in your life. Taking that first step towards something new. When 111 angel number shows up, it is very important to pay attention to your thought patterns as you are manifesting something very quickly and you want it to be of a positive nature. Once this particular pattern is acknowledged typically you will begin to see other numeric patterns. Sometimes patterns such as 1234 which represents you are taking the “steps” needed or need to take the steps you are being asked to take.


2 represents balance. This typically shows up when you are being asked to stay balanced. When 222 shows up, this is a positive energy that is encouraging you to keep doing the work you are doing and to have faith that everything happens for a reason.


3 represents transition or building something. 3 also represents ascended master energy, often signifying that you are surrounded by the energy of ascended masters and they are helping assist you. When 333 angel numbers shows up, you are being encouraged to live and share your truths as well as grow through a transition period in your life.


4 represents solid guidance and carries strong archangel energy with it. When 444 shows up, you are being guided heavily and very much supported by the universe. You have to honor and listen to your intuitive hits when this number continues to show up. Keep up the good work and know that the universe is working in your favor when it comes to you serving your life purpose. Know that all is well.


5 represents destined life changes. When 555 shows up, you are being guided to let go of the old that is no longer serving you. Trust that when you let go of the old, it will be replaced with better. Know that it is important to keep a positive attitude about these necessary and most likely overdue changes occurring in your life. Trust that all will fall into place for you.


6 represents the need to balance thought patterns. When 666 angel numbers shows up, you are being guided to work on your personal spirituality and encourages you to stop being so focused on the material world. You are being guided to balance your thoughts so you do not repel the every thing that you actually desire. In other words, stop choosing fear if you want to align with the energy of love and stop focusing on lack if you want to align with abundance. You will be taken care of as you live in alignment with your heart.


7 represents the collective consciousness. When 777 shows up, it is a reminder that you are here to spiritually evolve. It is important to see yourself as your best and higher self. This number also represents that you have been listening and doing the work you’ve been asked to do. The universe is happy with the choices you have made to live in alignment with the goals and wishes you have set out for yourself to experience. Your rewards are on their way. Keep going!!


8 represents infinite possibilities. When 888 shows up, it is a positive sign that financial prosperity is yours and abundance is on its way to you. Sometimes in unexpected ways. 888 can also represent that you may also be getting ready to let something go such as a career, relationship or a phase in your life. Be prepared for a new chapter.


9 represents endings or conclusions of a cycle. When 999 shows up, something is ending and it is important to trust that it is for your highest good. Often karmic and needed for your optimal soul growth. This is a time to focus on all the new possibilities and take a moment to realign with your heart. It has also been said that this number shows up to light workers who need to step up and align with their purpose to help humanity. Listen to your intuition, breathe and know that all is working out and often in ways you would never expect.

The famous 1111 angel numbers:

1111 is known as “ the awakening code” and when this number keeps showing up for you, it means that there is an energetic gateway opening for you and your thoughts are rapidly creating your reality. A number pattern that represents illumination and enlightenment. Live from the heart and set your intentions, they are manifesting.

Trust that you are supported. These angel numbers are here for you.

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