How to tap into your intuition


How to tap into your intuition | The “magic” isn’t in the cards… How oracle helped me learn

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Below I share how I learned how to trust myself and hopefully from my story you can learn how to tap into your intuition. From the time that many of us are young children we are taught to use our rational mind vs utilizing and trusting in our intuitive wisdom. I know in my personal experience I was always told that it was not ok to feel what I felt and more often than not, I was discouraged from expressing how I felt or what I was experiencing because it may upset the adults in my life. I was taught from a very young age that my opinions did not matter and I was even scolded often for feeling. Long story short… As I grew older, it became normal for me to look outside of myself for validation. I never learned the vital lesson that I could trust myself & feel confident in my own intuitive decisions. I was taught fear & co-dependency instead of wholeness.

As I became a young woman, I still encountered this issue. I would discuss my ideas, feelings and opinions with others in my life and they would often be dismissed as illogical, irrational or even silly. So naturally, the cycle continued. I drifted further and further away from my heart space / feminine knowing and stood more in my masculine energy. If it wasn’t “logical”, it wasn’t really allowed into my life.

How to tap into your intuition when you have been ignoring your natural gifts

Unfortunately, I ignored my intuition for a long time. I was having some of the most intuitive experiences that people can have… and I still ignored or dismissed them. Some examples….. Intuitive dreams, sparks of light, knowing something was going to happen before it did, telepathy, hearing messages in music and more. I know many who read this may say ” How in the world, were you having experiences like that and you didn’t know you were psychic or a healer of some kind? “… You see, the key is trusting. If you do not trust, you suppress. We are all intuitive and psychic to some degree, but if we do not trust ourselves or continue to choose logic over intuition, we cannot develop our intuitive gifts. It goes back to the popular saying… “Your intuition is a muscle, in order to develop it, you must listen.

When divine intervention happened in my life & synchronicity was getting my attention in ways I had never experienced, I found myself intuitively picking up oracle cards. I found myself incredibly drawn to them. My rational and analytical mind was fascinated by the practical messages that seem to come out in the cards and how in sync those messages ran with where I was at in my journey at that time… and the intuitive in me, just knew there was something to this. I didn’t know how to “rationally” explain it, I just knew I needed to explore this and the more I did, the more I began to allow everything that I was feeling inside to come through. The more I allowed myself to feel, the more clarity came from within and then those same messages would come out in the cards.

Eventually, I began to trust more. I stopped doubting and my intuitive gifts began to expand in ways that to this day, I cannot explain. My gifts grew stronger and the chapters in my life thus far, began to make total sense.

Do you need oracle cards? How to tap into your intuition

You see, oracle cards are simply a tool to help you open up to that which cannot be explained “rationally”. Spirit. To remind you that you hold all of the wisdom that you need inside of yourself, this wisdom is in your heart. Oracle / Angel cards are there to act as a catalyst in some way to help you learn to trust, to open you up into realizing there is more to this world then we usually allow ourselves to perceive. You do not need them to connect with spirit or God but if you feel like you would like to open yourself up more and learn to trust in your infinite wisdom, they are an amazing gift and I know I am personally very thankful for them.

So, if you are finding yourself more and more attracted to oracle or angel cards, there is a reason. Allow yourself to trust, you just may be surprised at what you uncover / learn about yourself and the divine.


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