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More often than not, an intuitive healer is often not aware that they are healers until they begin to go through their awakening. I wanted to share a few of the common signs that I have seen in my work and working with other healers myself. Odds are, if these signs resonate with you, you are realizing you are here for a higher purpose and all of a sudden the chapters of your life are beginning to make total sense to you.

One sign you are an intuitive healer is that you have experienced an unusual amount of traumatic events in your life

This is a very common theme for healers. Healers often have many events that shake them to their core happen early on in life. This can be anything from a traumatic childhood, exposure to abuse of any kind, abandonment, rejection, tragic loss, etc.

You are probably realizing by now that these things happened in your life so that you could help others who are going through the same experiences or who are trying to heal from these experiences. A good friend of mine once told me… Stephanie, “Those who bare the brightest light, often have the most stones thrown at them”, I understand this statement so much more clearly now than I did when he said this to me years ago.

You attract a lot of people who come to you for comfort

You are the easiest person in the family or in your circle of friends to talk with. Often times, those closest to you or even total strangers will tell you how much better they feel after they speak with you.

Healers will find themselves making people feel better without even trying. Often times, they will say things that are so full of wisdom, they don’t even know where the information was coming from that helped the person who came to them for comfort. It just kind of spills out of them, and sometimes to the point that even they are surprised at the advice they have just given.

Are are drawn to other healers & intuitives? You may be an intuitive healer yourself.

I always giggle when I am reading a client who is very much intuitive and is coming to me to validate how he or she is feeling. Don’t worry, I did this as well.. For years… The truth is.. like attracts like. You are drawn to the field of metaphysics or intuitive healing because your soul is leading you in that direction. On some level, you understand how everything is energy and believe we are all connected and here for a higher purpose.

Your hands vibrate/tingle/ get warm.. sometimes even hot…..

When I started meditating and doing guided chakra healing years ago, the first thing I noticed was how much my hands tingled. It felt like thousands of little ants were crawling all over them. They also got warm, very warm.

Once I was introduced to my first reiki session, that was it.. I was hooked. I knew there was something to my hands doing this. Long story short, I became a reiki practitioner. I knew this was just another way I could help others heal.

You are gifted in other ways, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient or claircognizant

This is something that I have experienced since I was a child but chose to dismiss as illogical or just suppressed due to the conditioning I was exposed to as a child or simply not allowing myself to feel.


You see things, not just in the dream world, but while you are awake. White sparks of light which eventually turn into seeing more and in color ( these are angel sparks ), you see colors around people (auras), you see people who have passed or catch things out of the corner of your eyes constantly.

One of the first things aside from receiving messages through my dreams that I noticed was I would get a little vision in my mind of something happening and then a few hours or days later, it would happen. *Call upon Archangel Raziel for help developing your clairvoyance.


You hear things that the average person cannot hear. It can start with messages in music, movies, etc… You notice the insane amount of synchronicity. Your guides will do all kinds of things to get your attention in the beginning. As you develop, you can hear guidance from your team. *Call upon Archangel Zadkiel for help developing your clairaudience.


You have clear feeling. You can feel emotions of others both in your heart and in your body. You will most likely be able to feel if there are other energies in the room with you as well. *Call upon Archangel Raguel for help developing your clairsentience.


You receive divine guidance through repetitive ideas. You also just know things. You don’t know exactly how you know, you just do. *Call upon Archangel Uriel for help developing your claircognizance.

Remember to trust yourself. Your soul knows exactly where to lead you as long as you let it and do not allow fear to keep you from moving forward towards your highest path. Odds are, if you are realizing your light working abilities and gifts in todays day and age and you are feeling the call to serve, you are very much needed right now. Trust in your heart.

Angels/Ascended Masters to call upon for healing work: Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary.

Angels/Ascended Masters to call upon for Life Purpose: Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Ariel, St. Francis.



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