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5 ways to ground your energy and shift your mindset fast!

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2022 Retrograde season is just about to start and is set to pack some powerful punches for us this year and you may be looking for how to shift your mindset. Although powerful punches are needed at times to get us moving, energy shifts like what 2022 is set to bring our way may also bring us opportunities for triggering or not feeling grounded.

One of the things I often hear during personal readings and coaching sessions is how challenging grounding energy and mindset shifting can be at times. Whether you are experiencing this now or later, know you are not alone and we all get moved through this.

Now, with that being said, I wanted offer 5 quick and easy ways to ground your energy and shift your mindset when it is needed.



I am exactly where I am meant to be in this moment.


1. Need to shift your mindset fast? BREATHE

Sounds easy right? Not so much. Many of us are running around in a state of constant fight or flight mode. We are programmed to always be on the go or to be constantly thinking / doing something. This type of behavior causes short choppy breaths or barely even breathing. The way you breathe will affect your whole body. Focusing on your breath can help you relax. So if you are feeling ungrounded or anxious, allow yourself to slow down and do some breathing exercises.

Breathing exercises help during moments of panic because they encourage your body to feel the way it does when it is naturally relaxed.


4 second breathing trick to shift your mindset... 

Take a moment to center yourself. If you feel like closing your eyes after reading this, go for it.

• Count out 10 breaths aloud and hold each one for 4 seconds.
• Inhale and in your mind count 2,3,4.
• Exhale and in your mind count 2,3,4.
• Repeat 9 more times.

Provided by Lonestar Education


2. Go outside

Yes, even if it's a little cooler. Allow that wind to clear your biofield. 😉 You are an energetic being and need daily energy clearing. Our biofields are absorbing energy all day from our devices, other people and more. If you are feeling overwhelmed, get outside so you can clear and charge back up! If it's warm enough to walk around outside barefoot, even better!!!


3. Surround yourself with people who love and SEE YOU!

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Do they SEE YOU? The real you? When you are feeling triggered or ungrounded are you able to call on at least one of these people to help shift your perspective or bring you back into the moment with no judgement or without their own projections? Of course our soul tribe is not there to take on or solve our stuff, but they certainly are perspective shifters and very much needed. Having at least 1 person like this in your life is a GAME CHANGER and honestly a basic human need. We become the energy we surround ourselves with. 


4. Go do something creative and shift your mindset!

Where my worriers at? Hands up.. You know who you are 😉 Listen love, you are sitting there worrying (or pacing frantically) and emitting energy out to the universe that is going to come back to you. Think of yourself as a beacon and know you are consistently sending out a signal to the universe. The universe doesn't know if you want that particular frequency back or not, its just responding.

So.. lets forgive ourselves for giving our power away when we do and lets go do something fun or creative that will bring us joy and pull us back into the now. 😉


5. Move your body

When we are feeling ungrounded it is often because we have too much energy flowing and it is stuck somewhere, not able to ground out of the body. Physical exercise is crucial when we are feeling anxious or not grounded. Force yourself if you have too, your mind will thank you later. I promise. Get movin!

Side note for my Empaths on how to shift your mindset and ground your energy...

Many of you are light workers, healers and energy workers. Please take your supplements daily. You process energy more quickly and in different ways than most. First thing in the morning will drastically help with grounding.


PS. The above affirmation is from The Happy Empath's Little Book of Affirmations which is an affirmation oracle style book written to help empaths and sensitives shift and upgrade their mindset as they navigate their awakening.


stephanie <3


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