Signs of a twin flame


Signs of a twin flame | Here are 5 signs you’ve met your twin flame…

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Below you will find 5 signs of a twin flame.  The twin flame relationship is about more than hearts, flowers and fairy tale romance.

This connection is a soul awakening designed to bring you deeper into yourself.

It’s cosmic, it’s healing, it's transformative – but it can also be quite painful. This soul connection can bring you to your knees with vulnerability & surrender. It forces you to unveil the dark, shadowy parts of yourself that let face it, we’d all rather keep hidden. You’re left to unravel in the presence of your divine mirror.

And, you will never be the same after this type of connection enters your life.

If your mind is wandering towards a certain person as you read these words, it’s a strong sign that they could be your twin or divine counterpart. 


Your intuition knows best. 


However, if you still need more a little more confirmation, I’ve got you love… 

Signs of a twin flame

Here are the 5 general signs of a twin flame awakening.


#1 Intense familiarity. 


When you first met you felt like you knew them. Their hands, their voice, their energy, their laughter… you feel like you’ve heard it a thousand lifetimes over. And perhaps you have. Being with them just feels normal. Comfortable. Safe. Like it was divinely ordered to happen from the beginning of time. 


#2 Polarization. 


Your twin flame is your mirror & your polar opposite in the same breath. You're specifically coded with unique energies that contrast each other. Why? Because you’re in each other’s lives to be a catalyst for growth. Your twin flame will trigger, challenge, & reflect you better than anyone else in your life. This is refreshing but it’s also wildly uncomfortable. Be prepared for intense but necessary deep healing to occur. 


#3 Meeting synchronously. 


Twin flames often meet with a flare of synchronicity! Whether it’s during significant astrological events, spontaneous encounters, or unusual circumstances – the Universe loves to bring twin flames together with a BANG! 


#4 Everything seems like it is falling apart 


This is the shadow side of the twin flame union. There comes a point in the relationship where everything falls apart. You go through a deep initiation that breaks down every single wall that’s keeping you from showing up for yourself, for your partner, & for your mission. This stake is often followed by an integration period where the two of you take space to breathe & sort through your own healing experiences. This is not a bad thing. It’s all a part of the process and helps get you into alignment with your highest path. 


#5 They help you become whole all on your own.   This is one of the most important signs of a twin flame.


Ultimately, this is the purpose of the twin flame relationship. To heal, grow, evolve and bring love out into the community. This connection helps you with fulfilling your divine mission on this earth. Love is the energy that must be felt in order for the soul expansion to occur. If this connection pushes you to evolve and grow beyond more than you ever have, there’s a good chance they’re your twin flame.


Above all, lean into your intuition and let it guide you. As hard as it can be, move past the attachment and understand that in order for us to realize separation is an illusion, it must first be felt.


Follow your heart, be true to you and choose love. That is always the right answer. 💫


Do you feel like you’re in a twin flame relationship but have no idea how to navigate the journey? Totally normal, love. This path is intense and, ultimately, it’s all about preparing YOU for your ascension. It is never about another person. Think of this process as your initiation. 


If you’re looking for a little guidance on your journey, know that I am here for you. This is exactly what I walk others through in my conscious connection empowerment sessions and courses – designed to help you heal, own your journey and gracefully ascend.


Xo, Steph 


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