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Sedona Arizona Retreat

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We just wrapped up the 2022 Sedona Arizona women’s retreat and it was such an incredible event! The group of soul sisters who showed up for this retreat was like no other and I am so honored I got to be a witness to so many transformations over the course of this 3 day consciousness expansion event. […]


Five Essential Crystals For Empaths

Crystals for empaths are beautiful tools that can help aid us during times of healing, soothing or during times of deeper awakening & enlightenment. Below you will find 5 crystals for empaths to have when you start your crystal collection. Crystals are so much more than just colorful rocks and there is a very valid […]


The science of empathy

Must knows for every “sensitive” out there, this is the science of empathy   An excerpt from The Happy Empaths Workbook by Stephanie Jameson There are a few interesting scientific explanations when it comes to the gifts and extra senses that empaths naturally have. I feel it is important for empaths to understand the science […]

psychic kids


Psychic kids, intuitive & young empaths – 15 signs you have a special kid on your hands

Are you wondering if you have psychic kids? One of the hardest things I ever had to experience growing up was feeling so different, not just around the kids at school but within my own family unit. I feel that if there had been more information out there and I would have had the chance […]


5 signs of spiritual bypassing

What is Spiritual bypassing? *An excerpt from The Happy Empath’s Workbook Spiritual bypassing is a “tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks”. – John Welwood. Spiritual bypassing is something I have experienced on my own awakening journey and have witnessed numerous […]

are you feeling called?


Spirit has your back. Trust in the signs and synchronicity happening all around you. Let go of any doubt or worry and trust that you have a spiritual team encouraging you to choose you and EVOLVE, always…