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Shift your Mindset journal with headphones

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2022 Retrograde season is just about to start and is set to pack some powerful punches for us this year and you may be looking for how to shift your mindset. Although powerful punches are needed at times to get us moving, energy shifts like what 2022 is set to bring our way may also bring […]

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How to Start Shadow Work (+ 3 Questions That Will Change Your Life)

You may have landed here because you are ready to begin the deep spiritual work and are asking yourself “how to start shadow work.”  Keep reading to discover the 3 shadow work questions that may change your life and encourage your spiritual journey.  Whether you’re a lightworker, empath, intuitive channeler, or a combination of all […]

manifestation journaling for money


Manifestation journaling: How to use your journal for manifesting

So you’re ready to start manifestation journaling?  Maybe you want to learn about manifestation for money? Raise your hand if you have stacks and stacks and stacks of journals piling up… I don’t know about you, but I have a slight obsession with buying new journals. Even when my old ones are 100 pages away […]

Signs of a twin flame


Signs of a twin flame | Here are 5 signs you’ve met your twin flame…

Below you will find 5 signs of a twin flame.  The twin flame relationship is about more than hearts, flowers and fairy tale romance. This connection is a soul awakening designed to bring you deeper into yourself. It’s cosmic, it’s healing, it’s transformative – but it can also be quite painful. This soul connection can […]

Retrogrades 2022


Planets in retrograde 2022

Everyone seems to have heard at some point about Mercury retrograde over these past few years as more of the collective awakens. However, did you know that although Mercury is the most commonly discussed and is of course the most picked on in the meme world.. all of the planets station retrograde at some point, […]

Retrogrades in 2022


Chakra Healing Affirmations

I have found so many chakra healing techniques over the years (lets face it, there are loads of them and everyone seems to know exactly what you need) as I have moved through my own layers of awakening but the one technique I always find that helps me the most is saying affirmations out loud […]

essential oils chakras


Essential Oils For Chakras

Essential oils are like little magic potions that have so many incredible benefits. They can help with physical and emotional ailments, and are a wonderful tool for keeping sensitives an empaths in a state of balance as well.  Below are my top suggestions of essential oils for chakras. Oils have been utilized for their healing […]


Five Essential Crystals For Empaths

Crystals for empaths are beautiful tools that can help aid us during times of healing, soothing or during times of deeper awakening & enlightenment. Below you will find 5 crystals for empaths to have when you start your crystal collection. Crystals are so much more than just colorful rocks and there is a very valid […]


How to help maintain balance, release & clear your space during intense emotional triggers

Hi everyone! I have been asked more than once what I do to help balance myself & release during times of emotional triggers. So I thought I would put together a little blog post that may help you. Some of these practices, I do daily or weekly and not just when I find myself needing […]

signs of empath.


7 Signs of an Empath

Empaths are highly attuned to energy, the good and the bad. They feel everything and sometimes to an extreme. Here are 7 signs of an empath. One of the signs of empath is you have a hard time being around a lot of people Often times going out in public and being around other people […]

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Spirit has your back. Trust in the signs and synchronicity happening all around you. Let go of any doubt or worry and trust that you have a spiritual team encouraging you to choose you and EVOLVE, always…